is there any real legitimate online work where you can actually make money?

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    Don't count on any answers you receive here being anything but spam

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    I have been involved in network marketing several times in the past and am currently involved again. I have received several questions and comments in regards to network marketing and would like to address them in my own words not some scripted response or something that has been used so many times that people start to think of it as gospel.

    1) Why are you getting into that isn’t that a scam?

    No. it’s not a scam. This is a business venture with a thought process of nothing ventured nothing gained.

    2) Aren’t those just pyramid schemes?

    Yes it’s a pyramid but it’s not a scheme. Think about this for a minute every business is based on a pyramid with a top dog on top and then a couple people under them and the several more people under them and so on down to the lowly workers that actually do all the work and get little of the rewards compared to the top dog who does little work and gets the most rewards. Even the US government is based off a pyramid.

    3) MLM’s don’t work. I know several people who didn’t make any money in network marketing, your just setting yourself up for failure.

    MLM’s do work. People fail. If you try to be a doctor or a lawyer and you fail do you blame the whole industry for your failure? No you don’t. So why is it when people get into network marketing and try it for a month or two and don’t make any money do they automatically assume it the system or the company that don’t work. The people who succeed in this business take the LONG view. It goes back to a principle that has been around for as long as business has been around “it takes money to make money.” Sure you’re going to lose money in the beginning unless you’re already established with a group of networkers that move from company to company at the drop of a hat. Most of us don’t have that.

    4) Why are you bothering me with this?

    Why wouldn’t I approach you with this don’t you want to be successful in life and not have to worry about money? Because I want to see you be successful also, doesn’t everyone want to see their friends and family live more comfortable and not have the worries about money? By my approaching you that means I care enough about you to want to help you succeed. How mad would you be if I didn’t approach you with it and then started making a lot of money and didn’t invite you along for the ride?

    5) I don’t know maybe I’ll see how you do before I get involved.

    This has got to be the biggest one I get and probably the most annoying. If I succeed I need to associate with winners and if you’re not interested then that is that. I need to spend my time wisely and concentrate on people who have the vision to go the extra mile to build a business not ride on the coat tails of my success. I hear from my mentors and coaches that the “no’s” in the past become “yes’s” in the future. Well I need people now not people in the future. I’ve had lots of no’s I’m ready for some yes’s.

    Basically the whole thing boils down to the fact that unless you have the vision, the determination, and the motivation to do this business you are going to fail. It does not mean that MLM’s don’t work it means that you failed. Lots of people fail at lots of things every day. Don’t blame the industry because you could not do it and don’t bring others down that are going to give it a try.

    Get involved with a good mentor, read e-books like “success in 10 steps” and “Think and Grow Rich”. Also check out Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic sponsoring” and David Allison’s “Attraction Marketing”. Several people have links to these so I’m not going to provide one. All of these are great sources for personally building and coaching abilities on how to get you prepared to be a leader. I have only found one source for really good advertising idea, and that is Josh Howards home biz teacher (

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck in your adventures in the MLM world.

    Scott Eichinger

    Independent Mannatech Distributor

    If you have any questions email me at

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    Investigate the generic site

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