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Should I get the new iPod touch?

I want to get the 16 GB, but is it good quality? does it last long? is it really as cool as they make it look??

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    I own the original ipod touch and i liked it i will tell you some pros and cons about the new Touch. ok some pros about it is that it has a great High Quality Display""best i ever seen on a portable MP3 player"" you can surf the web,the application store with thousands of free apps,Nike+ipod integration.a "Slimmer " design.Some Cons, the back of the ipod touch and the side of it SCRATCHES sooooo bad.That is the big down fall."I don't get what Apple see's in that metal.battery doesn't last very long when playing Apps.The ipod touch is overall a great Product I recommend geting it.

    Source(s): I own 1 ipod touch 1g, 2 ipod nanos 3g & 4g, 2 shuffle 2g
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    Don't!!!! Wait for a while the 60gb itouch is coming and the prices will drop, you'll probably be able to get the 32gb for the same price as the 16gb.

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