What to do when dealing with drugs?

mi bro. does weed and he taught me how to smoke wen i wuz like 12 or 13 im 15 now. But mi friends do it 2 but their family is kool with dem doin it. But its like every time im with them im not pressured to smoke but i always do (im not a junkie i only do it on weekends) but idk wat 2 do i mean should i stop but then i read about weed and its not as harmful as a cigerette. but i still don kno wat to do i need advice.

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    cigarettes make the hairs in your lungs fall off, weed helps them grow back so that's a good thing but weed is bad for your brain if you have too much of it so only limit yourself on weekends of how much you can have. It's best if you smoke it from a bong because it's less harmful but joints and pipes are fun too... always carry around a body spray to get rid of the scent and i wouldnt suggest doing it at school incase you get caught unless you can control your self VERY well because teachers arent as stupid as you think lol...

    anyway, it's YOUR own choice so good luck:)

    p.s. it's not going to kill you unless someone laces it with something plus, even if you could die from it you would have to have loads of money to get all that weed!

    Source(s): smoked weed for a good year or longer almost every day i would know and it didnt make me any stupider if anything i got smarter...
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    Just say no. THC is the active chemical that makes you feel high. All it does it TEMPORARILY block the receptors that remove the natural hormones that make you feel good. (same ones that make you like chocolate, video games, or a back rub) Marijuana does not "shrink your brain" or "kill your brain cells." In fact, no one has EVER died from an overdose. Look it up if you want. That strawberry girl doesn't know what she's talking about. Seriously, do some research.

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    There are many "false" reports telling people that weed isn't so bad for you when the truth of the matter is that it is. Weed kills your brain cells and is in fact, very bad for the body. It can cause mental disorders so if you can stop, save yourself and stop smoking weed.

    Source(s): Last year a friend in my dance class died from smoking too much weed. And it was a really hard year.
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    My first piece of advice would be to pay attention in your spelling and grammar classes.

    Next, it's your life, your choice, your business, and the consequences of your actions are your responsibility. No one makes you smoke, or is someone holding a Glock to your head? You are what you choose to be.

    Or is this just more bait on a line being pulled behind a slow moving watercraft?...aka trolling?

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    pot is bad, i here it shrinks your brain, it is safer then a ciggerettee becuase ciggertees have so many people die from them

    I advice smoke it less often

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