this is one confusing guy?

okay i'm really into this guy (he's 21 and i'm 19) and he already knows i like him months ago and no one has any idea who he's into...sometimes he's really sweet (he says stuff likes you're such a sweetheart, it was fun talking to you, he asks our mutual friends about how i'm doing and he doesn't swear in front of me) but at times he treats me normal as in just like everyone else. he's naturally caring in nature (he cares about everyone) so i cant tell if he does anything special for me. what should i do? i dont think that i should repeat the fact that i'm into him again coz that's just wrong. but do you think i could stand a chance?

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    1 decade ago
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    haha ............. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm? hey ! i will say ! jst one sentence !!!! no actually two hehehe.......... ok if u get it ! so Bingo ! but if u dont so u r so .................. u know what i mean Broken Angel !

    ok time for ur answer..............

    Listen Broken Angel ! Love is a game ! u and he is players ! so try to b a good player comparing him............ First of all deals him as he deals u ! honestly ! if he deals u normal so deal him normal ! u will come to know ! that result will b comeout ! dont contact with him too much !

    Second if he really loves u then he will never leave u ! jst Relax ! love is a bird set it free if it comes back then understand that it is urs but if he doesnt then say ! u were never mine !!!

    Dear ! if u liked my answer so plzzzzz kindly vote me for best answer! Thanks AND takecare

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