I have been diagnosed with Hyperglaciemia just a couple of weeks ago?

I have been treating it under a doctors care and feel much better. My question is is mild depression a part of the symptoms of hyperglycemia too? I find myself happy but have a hard time not sinking into a kind of mild depression as I go through my daily tasks. Is depression a part of it? What are the best sites on the net that deal with this problem? Thanks for any help.

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    If you mean hypOglycemia, then yes, it can and will affect you emotionally. I have it. Hunger is the symptom I feel the least, so I don't always eat when I should. I can get very edgy and then after I eat, I am calm. Other symptoms of low blood sugar for me include: the shakes, a headache, anxiety, and my worst is nausea. That is the extreme one and then I know it is urgent I eat. I don't tolerate refined sugar very well either. If I were to eat a bowl of sugar sweetened cereal, for example, I will go through a complete mood change for the worse. Eliminate refined sugar as much as you can. Having depression along with low blood sugar is rough, but symptoms can be managed with diet and medication. Caffeine is a big no-no. It will interfere with your ability to get a good night's sleep. It is a central nervous system stimulant. See a dietitian about setting up a good eating plan and schedule. Also, last but not least, get a medic alert emblem and have 'hypoglycemia' engraved on it. You have a chronic medical condition and need this.

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    I too have too have Hypoglycemia....thankfully without any depression. But, yes it CAN be part of the symptoms. We should all remember that out diet effects many aspects of our health, including mood. (just think of a kid you may know and see what happens after a candy binge).

    In fact, many doctors are now looking at a very controlled diets to treat depression.

    IF your being treated now, I suspect your mild depression will clear up in very short time..... please mention this to your doctor....but also think and notice things on your own.... YOU are the BEST one to know HOW and WHAT you may feel when you Eat certain foods (there may be a delay of a day after eating something. Good Luck

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    Everything does not have got to finish with diabetes. If you almost always undertaking for a suite period of time in the course of a particular time of day, you must be sufferer as you're employed on adjusting your insulin doses. Eating and consuming have got to be performed on a decent agenda within the starting, but when you are thirst you'll drink vitamin soda or seem for synthetic sweeteners in your espresso. If you are hungry in among foods, cross with proteins or greens. Vegetables and deli meats can have nearly no final result in your sugar stage, however watch out with peanut butter: it has plenty of fats so it'll make your sugar very intricate to manage. It may not spike up and drop down low with PB. Instead, PB will make it preserve regular at one sugar stage till you whatever with carbs. The results of PB almost always final approximately 6 hours. So, you must nonetheless be ready to determine. When heading out to events, ensure you've vitamin soda or water so you'll sate your thirst must your sugar spike all of a sudden. That method you'll nonetheless have a social lifestyles. Are you on syringes or the pump? The pump presents just a little of flexibleness while consuming, and with particular techniques, you'll input your BG studying into it so whilst you come residence at night time, you simply have got to wirelessly transmit that information on your pc and into the logbook there. But the primary weeks are the toughest. I went from having Dunkin' Donuts and orange juice each Sunday morning to the driest peanut butter (no jelly) sandwiches and white milk. That combination was once extremely bland to what my infantile style buds desired. And in institution, you understand how such a lot fundamental scholars convey in cupcakes for his or her elegance? My mother had the intense concept of sending me off to my moment grade elegance with a bag of apples. During snack time, we had a fireplace drill and the entire apples obtained brown and unsightly. For a moment grader, that was once essentially the most mortifying revel in ever, and I totally have an understanding of via what you imply no social lifestyles. However, time actions ahead, you meet new, extra accepting folks (much less queasy round blood ;) ) and lifestyles will get well once more. It simply takes plenty of labor within the starting, like establishing a brand new application in your pc. It takes without end to put in ,however as soon as it is in location, it really works nice. You simply gotta recollect to maintain updating it each so quite often.

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    My teacher in college had this. All I remember is that she had to eat even during lecture.

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