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My DVD-ROM Drive isn't working.?

I have a dell XPS 420 computer running on Vista 32x. My DVD-ROM drive is a PLDS DVD+-RW DH-16A6S. I recently tried to burn a DVD and my computer froze. I did a hard shut down and now my DVD-ROM drive will open and close, but only makes a sound when a CD or DVD is put inside and doesn't do anything. i found another question like this and i tried to uplug the drive, boot the comuter, shut it down and plug it back in, no luck. Also, I tried to plug the drive into the other drive slot and no luck with that either. There also doesn't seem to be any available driver or firmware updates available. I really dont want to buy a new DVD-ROM drive, is there anything I can do?


Also, I just got this computer, with the drive, a month ago. (I don't reallly think it matters much though)

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    Try that drive with another computer. If it doesn't work, it's probably dead.

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    Dvd/Cd rom laser lens are basically being alive for sort of two years in case you utilize it plenty.the answer is to purchase a clean one.I advise you no longer even attempt to bathe the lens because of the fact i had that situation too and the stress did no longer examine the cleansing CD and my money bypass to waste.

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    nope, sounds like it's done.

    go to

    you can get a really good one for around $40. not too expensive

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