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Long hair to short. ?

I have pretty long hair, it falls about an each below my bra strap. I am starting to get a little tired of it. It has been long for quite a while now. I am looking ot cut it. What are some cute shorter hair styles. Pics would help. My face is kind of between round and oval shaped by the way.

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    I would definetely say, keep your hair long. Seems that as it has grown so long, you wear a really silky artwork on your head. And as your face is more round shaped, long hair suits you very well. Maybe you shouldn't decide it to fast to cut it short. Long hair makes you looking very special and individual. Short hair is seen everywhere and to cut it short goes fast, but if you miss your long hair, it will take looooong time to grow back. And be sure, if your hair grows longer to superlengths, you own a very great gift of nature and you can wear your long flowing mane like a crown. Long hair looks sooooo mystical.

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    Depending on what type of hair you have there are many nice styles at the moment.

    Why don't you try Ukhairdressers.com where you can download a photo so that you can see if a style suits you, or just look at many different styles.

    Good luck

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