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My Girlfriend & I have our 1 year anniversary on 1st & I wanted to get her something good.What Should I Get?

Hello my Girlfriend and I are celebrating our one year anniversary on Wednesday the 1'st of October and I want to take her someplace special. What is a cheep but fancy place that is low on budget but does not show that it is. Around a $20/25 check. Thanks for all your suggestions and for your ideas

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    mexican is always cheap..:)you should take all your pictures and do a little scrap book for her of your yr together.

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    A nice Chinese Restaurant. The prices are inexpensive. You can get a Combination Dinner in the price range of $6.75 x 2= $13.50. Ask if the tea comes with the meal. If not, order water with ice and a twist of lemon. As you both are sitting there, you can talk without a lot of noise going on and eating a nice warm dinner. Do not forget the tip. I usually double the tax and that is my tip. Take a little more than $20 or $25, you do not have to spend it, but it is always good to have a bit more to be on the safe side. As you do not want to ask your girlfriend for money on this special occasion. Dress clean and nice.

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    I'm gonna answer with Chile's. My personal favorite is the chicken crispers (delicioso) and my wife just likes the burgers. Either way, doesn't cost an arm and a leg AND you get a lot of grub so there will be some for take home!

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    are you severe? you're becoming her a $50 present with present playing cards which you haven't any longer even had to fork over the money for? what the hell? get her a card, and need she does not see this question.

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    I just went to applebee's today they have the best prices

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