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I Never Feel My Muscles When I Workout?

For a lot of my workouts I don't feel the muscle I should feel working out, and sometimes I feel no muscles at all. I'm pretty sure I have good form, and I'm using a heavy enough weight.

Usually with the shoulder press I feel my shoulders good. But with lunges, I don't feel my legs at all, same with squats. And with bicep curls I don't feel my biceps, only sometimes. What am I doing wrong?

I even went to a personal trainer, and she told me I was doing it right, she didn't really know anything honestly, but still, she thought my form was correct.


Edit: No, Pat, they don't even get sore. If I have just started weightlifting after a while or something, then on the first workout they get sore, but every workout after that they never get sore.

Update 2:

Well, it doesn't stop getting sore after a couple of times, it stops getting sore after the first time. I don't even feel anything being worked.

After sessions I feel like I've just got something heavy from one point to another. How hard am I pushing myself? Well, for biceps, I fail at 6 reps first set, 4 reps next set, and 3-4 reps third set.

Then I would do a second exercise with a lighter weight and fail at 8-12 rep all three sets. I'm getting really annoyed when everyone else is like, "Oh my arms are so sore, I really felt them workout", because I never feel that.

I think that may be a huge problem with me when I'm weightlifting. I'm also a really hardgainer, so I'm doing a new plan starting tomorrow. But still, I never feel it.

Update 3:

Pat-Well, I do the exercises pretty slow, and I don't necessary go to failure every time, but for biceps I do.

Joe-Fast twitch muscle fibers (Type II) are the muscle fibers that are used for strength and speed.

Slow twitch muscle fibers (Type I) are the muscle fibers used for endurance. The reason it is recommended you do a few sets of higher reps and less weight after low reps and high weight is to target as many muscle fibers as possible for your muscle to look best-developed, don't get confused by the myth about high weight and low reps toning though, that's common misinformation. Sorry, I was going to tell you this on my other question, but the space was limited.

Update 4:

I meant the myth about low weight and high reps toning, that's a myth. Slow-twitch muscle fibers are targeted for mass, fast-twitch are targeted for endurance and getting the most full, developed look from your muscles.

Essentially, it is mainly the calories and the protein that matter for mass, although weightlifting has its share of importance, but if you are looking for the best-developed muscles you can get, rep scheme matters too.

Update 5:

I think another reason could be that I'm using the wrong weight, this week I was just testing what weight would be best for me, so I'm not feeling my muscles working with a weight lower than usual, hopefully I'll feel it with 2 pounds heavier, but I don't know.

When I did it with the weight where I failed at 6, 4, 3/4, I still didn't feel it, but that weight might have been too heavy, so I might need a weight in between?

Update 6:

Sorry about all the additional information and questions Pat, lol, I'm just getting really annoyed over this, knowing what to do, but it won't work, and I'm already really angry that my workouts for the past 4 months have gone to waste. One major problem was that my workouts weren't really for hardgainers like myself, but this is another problem.

Update 7:

Well, I'd say I take like maybe 9-12 second to do one rep, and rest periods between sets kind of varied. At first I used to do like 5 minute rests, then 1 minute rests, and then 3 minute rests (when I started to follow Max-OT weightlifting program principles). I don't really use any of those methods anymore. From what I've learned, I think a 2 minute break between sets would be best.

Update 8:

Oh, rep range also was usually 8 reps (not for biceps), 3 sets, 2 exercises.

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    Do your muscles get sore the next day?

    edit - Well thats good there sore the first time then at least you know the muscles are getting worked. It's normal for them to stop getting sore after you do it a couple times. Another important question though. How hard do you work in your workouts? How hard are you pushing yourself?

    edit 2 - You don't need to go to failure all the time. That is something that can really hurt your progress. What kind of tempo are you using on your lifts? Maybe a slower tempo would help you feel it more in your muscle.

    Joe - Slow twitch muscle fibers help with your endurance. You want lots of fast twitch muscle fibers if you want to get big and strong.

    edit 3 - When you say you go pretty slow tempo wise, how slow are we talking? I actually like to do the eccentric phase under control and explode up on the concentric. Not saying that would work for you, but something simple like that might fix a problem of yours.

    When you did the 6, 4, 3/4, yes the weight might have been a little too heavy to get as much of as feel in the muscle. I am also wondering what your rest periods between sets are looking like? Also what rep range do your workouts usually fall into?

    And don't get discouraged dude. I wouldn't call any of it a waste. You learned a lot and that is what is really important. Plus you learned all the lifts form, which is pretty important. When you start to understand how your body reacts to certain **** is when you'll be making the sick gains.

    edit 4 - Ok this may be one of your problems I think.

    "Well, I'd say I take like maybe 9-12 second to do one rep"

    Man, that is REALLY slow. I don't know where you read to go that slow(feel free to link me). A rep should never take that long man. I think that is definitely something that could be effecting your progress. Try sticking to like a 2 second eccentric, and 1 second concentric, you will also be able to lift much more weight this way than the way your lifting(you could lift it even faster than that if you wanted to as long as its under control with good form), of cause if your starting to struggle the concentric will slow down near the end of your set. And a heavier load is a VERY important thing. It's possible that your very slow tempo caused you to lift to light of a weight which slowed your progress. Take this into serious consideration

    2 mins or so rest between sets can be fine. I would make it a little longer 3-4 min on your bigger exercises, like bench, squat, deadlifts though.

  • Anonymous
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    yea man u gotta push urself i think ur going to heavy? maybe ur form isnt good that may be the case cuz if not good form then ur workout isnt gonna go to good use ya know? and if u got good form with this i suggest more sets i do 4sets per exercise and and 3 exercises for large muscle groups and 3 sets of 3 dif exercises for small muscle groups so that's a total of 21 sets all sets using 8-10reps i read ur thing that's what i do 8-10 i just thought 4-6 was best i just dont like it i like what im doing it's working im noticing gains u also may need to eat more but u dont need soreness to tell u u had a good workout just that latic acid pulsing in ur muscles after a workout that tells u if u had a good workout or not

    btw...what do u mean slow twitch muscles do those help strength or mass...? im assuming strength and lil mass? or does it matter as long as you eat the excess cals and protein

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    Well a lot of times you wont feel your muscles working. For example, when I do rows, I dont feel **** in my back. But, as long as you get sore in the area that you are working, you are definitely working the right muscles. Wherever you get sore will give you a better idea of where you are working.

  • Rosa
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    It's because your doing the same workout and your body is just adapting to it. That's why they came up with insanity and p90x because the workouts are constantly changing and challenging your body

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