Graphing>> how to graph y=mx+b?

how do I graph this sort an equation on graph paper??

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    Pick values for either x or y. Solve for the other. Then graph the data points. (This assumes you already have m, the slope of your graph, and b, the y-intercept.)

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    If you are given an equation in y = mx + b form, you can

    1) choose a value for x and determine the corresponding y value. After you've found several ordered pairs, plot the points and connect them forming a line.

    2) Given y = mx + b

    b is your y intercept, (the point where your line crosses the x axis). For example, given y = 2x + 6:

    6 is your y intercept because when x = 0, y = 6 ...

    Let x = 0 ... plug into y = 2x + 6 ... y = 2(0) + 6 ... y = 6.

    So, your first ordered pair is (0,6).

    The m value is your slope. Slope = rise/run.

    In this case, your slope is 2 or 2/1 ...

    Start at your y intercept, now move up 2 right 1, up 2 right 1,.. your line will follow this pattern. On the left side of the x axis, when you plot your points, remember that you arrived at (0,6) by moving up 2 over 1 ... so, on this side of the x-axis continue your line by moving down 2 left 1, down 2 left 1., etc, etc.

    Both methods will result in the same line.

    Good luck, I hope I helped.

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    well y=mx+b is the equation of a line..... say the actual equation was y=3x+7 ...... if you were to graph that you would go up 7(b) and then you would take the slope(3, which is really 3 over 1... 3/1) and you go up 3 and over 1. now you have your line. sorry if this wasnt what you were lookin for.. good luck

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    M = the slope (rise over run [up over down])

    B = Y-intercept

    usually you're given those two.

    so say that b (y intercept) was 4 you'd have the point of intersection on the Y axis on the line at 4. Then say the slope was 2 (2/1).

    [ Your equation would be Y=2x+4 ]

    You'd go from the y intercept (4) 2 up 1 over (right) or 2 down 1 over (left). Then you would connect the dots.

    (But if it was a negative slope it would be 2 down 1 over (right) or 2 up 1 over (left). If the line is negative it goes like \. if it is positive it goes like / )

    Make sense?

    Hope it helps!!


    Source(s): I'm now in the accelerated geometry class (i did all this early last year)
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    this is a linear (Straight line) graph...

    m is the gradient (rise over run), and b is the y-intercept...

    if you have specific values for m and b, then u can plot 2 points for any value of x (ie. sub in say x=1 and x=2 into the equation to get 2 y values) and draw the line from those two points...

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    start at the point (0,b) on the y-axis. Now m is the slope, rise over run, let m be a/c, always make the top, the numerator, the interger, positive or negative and the bottom always positive, now go up if a is positive or down if a is negative, from the point (0,b) then go right c, make a dot there. connect the two dots and that is your line.

  • Anonymous
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    this is the graph of a line with a positive slope . where the graph intersects the y axis at the value of b.

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    generally you're given m and b and you just plug in values for x or y and solve for the other. This gives you coordinates that you can graph.

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