Do you think this is rude/mean?

One of my siblings (M) has a live-in girlfriend (T). I'm renting here, also, for a few months b/c our father is dying of ALS. (I live 2000 miles from my family, so I'm renting here for the final months). Today, T asked if I like ham. I said 'yes, i love it'. Later, 2 of M's friends came over & T cooked the ham. M came in and told me the food was ready. I go to the kitchen. T has only set out 4 plates (there are 5 of us). She sees me and says, "oh--were you wanting to eat". I say, calmly, 'well, i was told dinner was ready, but i don't have to'. She says, "I don't know if we have enough". So, I say 'ok' and go back to my room. One of the guests let out a gasp b/c there was a whole ham there, obviously plenty of food. So, I hear 2 people ask for second helpings of ham, then I hear T calling the cat over to get some ham. About 20 minutes later, M asks why I'm not joining them. I say 'b/c your gf said she didn't know if there was enough food for me & only took out 4 plates, so she didn't want me to join you'. M says "she didn't mean that."

I think this is rude--do you agree?

Also, my sib is the one who bought the food, b/c the gf "has no money" b/c she spends it on decorations & beer.

And, they were playing MY Wii system, my Wii game, on my TV, b/c T wanted to. How rude is that? "oh--i don't know if there will be enough" food for you. After she specifically asked me today if I liked ham??

Last week, she called my cat an a$$hole. Last month, she said she hopes M's cat never would come home from the vet (and die). !! mean. rude. I used to think she was nice, but she is so jealous of anytime M & I have fun together. Yesterday, we went to see our dad (which is quite sad). T had M drop her off at T's ex's house, then never asked M how our dad was, or how the visit was. T is very jealous, clingy, and manipulative. Annoying. I just try to avoid her.

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    Deal directly with her and tell her how you feel and next time she's says "oh your eating say why yes I am so you need to get out and other plate cause I'm hungary". And try to keep the peace for the next few months until you can leave

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    Yea, youre rude

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    sounds like a real *****. if she wants to use something of YOURS, say no! and if she keeps doing this, tell your brother.

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