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WhAt Do I SaY tO tHiS gUy WiThOuT mAkInG a FoOl OuT oF My SeLf?

well i know i already asked a question like this but..... here goes again. ok well i REALLY like this guy and he is kinda like my friend but when i am around him i totally shut down! and act like an idiot!!!! cuz he sayd "hey" to me in the halls like everyday and all i can even try to think to say back is "hh-h-hh-h-hh-hh--h-h-hhh-hhaha-a--ahah-a-a--aa-aya-y-yay-y-y-y-............." then look away and start playing with my hair. its horrible!!!! what can i say to him!? and how do i get the guts to say it?!

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    something like that happened to me but it was with a girl. All you have to do is just be straight forward and ask him start talking. If he turns you down you got nothin to loose you were without him before and you cant be without him in da future. if he does turn you down he probably doesn't even deserve you. Good Luck

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