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Obama has his own seal?

WTF is this all about? He has began forming "his cabinet" and has formed a "truth squad." What do you know about this?

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    Yes, he had his own "Seal", it wasn't an advertising banner, it was on his Podium, just like the real Seal is...

    According to his staff, it was a 1 time thing for that venue.. yeah, right.

    He does have "audacity", that is true. It isn't a good thing either.

  • Cinner
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    He had a sign designed for himself to put on the podiums where he was giving his sermons, oops I mean speeches.The signed was made to look almost exactly like the Presidential seal. He's got a truth squad in MO, watching for ads or stories that they deem to be false. His squad (aka goons) are then to demand that the story is retracted or the ad is dropped. He also has a team in Alaska that are trying to dig up dirt on Palin. Yeah he's really trying to win the White House on his own merits. Haha!

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    He needs to put the Kool Aid man in the center of his "seal". William Ayers, Jeremian Wright, Oprah, and Whoopi Goldberg doesn't meet the definition of a cabinet.

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    Yes Obama unveiled his own Presidential Seal way back in June.

    He was apparently confused and thought he was already President five months before the election.

    Here's a link to his Photo:

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    At this point in the process, both he and McCain are beginning to put together their 'transition' team. They have people slated for the dozens (maybe hundreds) of positions that will be necessary between election day and January 20th. Transition takes time; it's a complex operation.

    So yes, both Obama and McCain are preparing.

    The 'seal' reference is to an advertising banner that someone created early in Obama's campaign. Some felt it looked a bit too much like the Great Seal of America, so Obama ordered it removed. That's all there is to this story.

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    I don't know, he thinks he is the next President. When he loses, he can stamps Michelle's *** with it, that way all of her Johns will know who she belongs to. Democrat for McCain/Palin 2008.

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    Its common for candidates to Begin choosing there cabinet before the election almost every candidate in history had done that.

  • Tim S
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    Dang , when I read your headline that he had a seal I was worried that Sarah would club it to death.

    He's going to be President he will need a cabinet.

    He's running against the machine that Rove taught and they are gonna let a s***storm of lies, accusations, racism and innuendos fly. He better have truth team to field all the BS

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    Is his "truth squad" trying to determine if he has told any truths?

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    He thinks he is already President. That's why his number 2 is telling you to be patriotic and pay more taxes, while he is asking Iraq's President to not make a deal with Bush. Instead he says to wait and deal with him instead.

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