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What is a great quality, affordable, small Digital Camera?

I need one with a Camcorder / Camera in it. :)

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    Don’t buy it at any of these rip-off scam sites that are owned by George Sabato:

    Check out how many Better Business Bureau complaints there are (1000+). He keeps changing names to avoid ripped-off customers and to trick new customers.

  • Karen
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    5 years ago

    Adrian, Decide what types of shots you want to take and how much budget you can afford. That will determine the type and model camera you should research. Casual & informal shots only - get a point & shoot. Real photography - get a bridge/super-zoom fixed lens (if you don't want to be bothered changing lenses) or a low-end DSLR (they start around US $600 (when you build in the camera price, case, memory cards, spare battery, etc.).

  • stan l
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    1 decade ago

    Tell us what "affordable" means to you. $50, 100, 200, 300?

  • 1 decade ago

    i like canon sx10

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