Do you think he has feelings for me?

We've been talking & hangin out for a while now & our chemistry is awesome. We talk everyday text/call. From the get go we made it clear we werent looking for a relationship or hook up. But everytime we spent more time together our chemistry & attraction kept progressing. We've kissed & it was awesome. Now just recently he made reservations just this weekend at a beautiful beach resort hotel for us. We spent it super nice. We got intimate & that to was amazing.

He looks at me alot. He stares at me with a smile & when I smile saying "What" he smiles back saying "nothin, I cant look at u?" lol he hugs me alot aswell, i mean totally affectionate hugs when I pass him by. He kisses me with such a passion. He tells me how hot I look everyday. We both love to watch tv & at the hotel we layed in bed comfy & he always embraces me & he did the most cutest thing...(he handed me the remote control) no guy does that lol! & this being after I gave it up to him lol! He woke up saturday morning before me & looked at me while I slept & caressed my face with his hand. Then saturday night he wanted to take me out to dinner & as we crossed the street, he held my hand. Some guy passed by & starred at me & he got jealous lol. Before we checked out of the hotel this morning, he took me out for lunch & crossing the street he held my hand again lol! when leaving me home, he text me 3 times to see how I was doing & that spending the weekend with me was amazing & that he cant get it off his mind.

We're suppose to be friends but its to late for that now lol! I like him alot but do you guys think he has feelings for me more than a friend??

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  • 1 decade ago

    uh duhh!

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