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Problem with uncooperative dog. Advice?

I'm trying to teach my dog to play piano (it's a big piano with paw sized keys) but he's being very uncooperative. It's almost like he doesn't understand what music is. How can I get him to play?

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    For every note he misses, it gets the hose again.

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    Random thoughts: Talk with the neighbor. Crate your dog inside your bedroom at the times the neighbor walks his dog. Get a job to earn enough to replace the fence? Get a job and move out of the house? A small house or a mobile home may be better than what is going on with the family and neighbor. Rent a house with a room mate who will accept your dog. Place tarps along your fence so your dog cannot see the other dog. Block the area where your dog can't get to the part of the fence where he can see the other dog. Run hot wires horizontally every 2 feet to prevent your dog from accessing the fence. Use 12" stand offs for the hot wires to keep your dog 1 foot away from the fence.

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    to your dog, that is the same as your dog trying to teach you to lick yourself.. stick with basic obedience, come, sit, stay, heel etc. Thats beneficial to you, your dog and your community. Why does it have to play the piano anyway? I would guess just so you can show off to your friends. He understands music about as much as you understand why he has to cock his leg at every lamp post.

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    Maybe your dog doesn't have any musical talent. My dog plays the piano beautifully - his favourite tune to play is "How Much is that Doggy in the Window".

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    I had the same problem...I couldn't teach my dog to play the violin!!!

    Jesus, let him be a dog!!! stop forcing dogs doing human things, how would you like to be forced doing dog things???

    People like you should be locked up!

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    are you for real....?

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