Help with a relationship!!?

Ok well I have been going out with this girl for a few months now. Then her mom barges in and forces her to break up with me. We really like each other and her mom always seem to find out about us going out, thus breaking us up. So how do i get her back?

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    1 decade ago
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    Why not start with asking her mom why she has a problem with her going out with you. Explain to her why you are right for her daughter. Show responsibility.

    Another question is you should ask yourself is; how do you know the girl truly loves you? If she truly, truly loved you, she would let nothing in her way of having you with her. She would argue and fight with her mom non-stop. If she broke up with you just like that, you really gotta think things through.

    Take it easy, nice and slow. Good Luck.

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