how can you get out of the marine corps??

my friend joined for a 5 year enlistment. he just got back from boot camp and now he's at camp pendleton for s.o.i. he wants out and cant find a way. any ideas?

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  • Andrew
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    1 decade ago
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    i disagree with people saying he should fufill his obligation. If this marine does not want to serve, ESPECIALLY IN THE INFANTRY, then he should find a way to get out.

    no marine wants to be in a war zone with someone they cannot rely on.

    tell him to throw around racial/religious slurs at everyone. this will get him discharged.

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    Nobody loves boot camp and SOI. Tell him that it will get better, because other Marines have told you so. The hardest part is at the beginning; it gets easier after he gets to his MOS school and the first duty station. Tell him this: "Boot camp isn't the Fleet". He should get that, and if he doesn't he should ask a Corporal to explain.

    Also mention that getting out of the USMC is not the easy way to solve any problem, unless you are disabled. He will have much more respect, plus tangible and intangible benefits if he just sticks it out and honors his commitment.

    Source(s): Honor, Courage, Commitment.... we say it every day for a reason
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    I have to agree with the answerer below who said that if he doesnt want to be there or isn't able to then he shouldn't stick it out. The answerers who said to suck it up and called him a p*****-- do you completely get what that will do to not only himself, but to others around him? Why would you jeopardize other marines lives (since we are in war) just because you think he should man up. People make mistakes, but wouldn't you rather him get out and have a lot more people safe. Not to mention how detrimental it would be to the man himself....

    I do encourage him to get out, because marine infantry is the toughest job in the military. It takes a certain type of person to be able to do it. If he isn't completely in it mentally then he puts not only himself at risk, but others as well. And Im sure no other infantryman wants the person who is watching their back to not be completely in it because they are jeopardizing lives.

    You should encourage him like they said and find out the reasons why he is wanting to get out, but if the reasons are many including emotional, mental, or that he realized he cant kill someone or a variety then have him try to get out (and not just that he doesnt want to run, or doesnt like somebody etc).

    Obviously if he wants to try to get out, he is going to have to face the consequences after that especially if he gets an other than honorable. But if he thinks it is worth it it, here are a few options that I know of.

    If he has been in for less than 6 months, there is something called an ELS (entry level separation) but it is not guaranteed, will probably take awhile, and he will have to fight very hard (search gi rights in google and ELS, more information). Im not sure how often this happens so I dont know how good his chances would be.

    The other one is not for everybody, but ive heard it is the quickest way to get out. The military has a zero tolerance drug policy. So, he has to "pop" on his piss test. They only test so often, but I do know that if he goes UA for even a few days and returns they ALWAYS drug test you. The only down side is that he will get an other than honorable discharge, which isnt the best but it isnt the worst either. Ive heard he wont be eligible for any government jobs, but Im not sure how else his options will be limited..

    It is like a catch 22 situation, but I wish him the best of luck.

    Also, Ive heard from other marines that (with their experience) it didnt end with bootcamp and SOI, but when they first arrived at their PDS and in the fleet it was like black friday all over again. But this was with marines who just newly got there, so hopefully it will get better with time.

    *God Bless all our troops*

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    Tell him to stop being a pu##y and fulfill his obligation. The best way out is to finish his enlistment. If he does anything stupid to get dishonorably discharged (understand the word dishonorable?) he will be a disgrace to his family.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    smoke weed (constantly)


    say you are a closet psychopath

    "I am a gay homosexual who is in love with a fellow Marine"

    send a death threat to the Commandant

    Join a gang

    get a several STD's

    cut off your legs

    become a cannibal

    Become a murder

    go streaking threw the Officers quarters

    steal (constantly)

    flag your staff NCO

    covert to some pacifist religion (may be difficult to prove)

    But why would he want to leave:?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try and motivate him to stick it out and allow it to change shape him into a better person. I have heard from others that with some people it just takes some getting used to and than they love it.

  • 1 decade ago

    He should sue the person that a held gun to his head and made him sign

    Failing that he just man up and fulfill his commitment

  • 1 decade ago

    tell him how proud you are that he wants to serve his country and help keep you safe and tell him that you wish you could be half as brave as him.... then if he STILL wants to get out... cry and tell him "I guess not everyone can be a big tough strong man "

  • 1 decade ago

    Saying your gay gets you out everytime

  • 1 decade ago

    you can have gay sex in the shower.

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