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It's ok to be a little unhappy at times, right?

I've been married for a month now, we have a cute little rental house, enough money for what we need, and two cats and a dog that I love like children. My car runs like it should, we're both in good health, and my husband has close friends that make him happy. I should be on cloud nine, but I'm not. When we are out together, I'm glowing. When I'm home while he's at work, or out, I'm depressed. I clean the house, watch tv, or mess around on myspace. On my days off, I visit my mom or walk around the grocery store. I don't understand why I feel this way. I should be happy and over joyed, but at times, I just cry. For no reason, I cry. I hear a sad song, watch a sad moment on tv, I just cry, sometimes for hours. I've always been like this. Sad, down, always crying, always wanting out. Sometimes for no reason. No matter what I've had or what I've had going on, I've always felt like something's wrong with my life, even if I never know what it is. I shouldn't feel this way now. Everything is great, so why do I feel so terrible? Am I just jaded, or something else?

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    Having less down time might help you out.

    Do you have more people who you can visit and be around when you are alone?

    We are all different people, I personally love being alone and have no remorse about being single at this point in my life, and I couldn't be happier. I find my happiness in all things technology, that's what floats my boat.

    It sounds like you need to find a passion for something to fill up your time. When you are sitting around and feel like you have to watch TV or do something to fill your time, instead of doing that out of enjoyment, then you can get into a state of mind where you're really unhappy or anxious, because you'd rather be doing something else.

    I'd say seek your hobbies more actively, get involved with groups or something that you're interested in, just do anything to keep yourself busy.

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    It's the newlywed syndrome. It will soon pass hun. Maybe you're just sad and missing your old life before you were married. Pehaps you are lonely. Find some good books at the library to get into or go to a coffee shop to meet new friends. Do something spontaneous. Take the dogs for a run. I always get the most out of my day and life when I realize that I can never ever get that day back. Don't waste your time being depressed. Live your life to the fullest.

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    It could be just your new to being married


    Its sounds like you could be slipping into a depression.If it gets any worse see a Doctor..Please don't let it get so bad

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    you might have a chemical imbalance.

    Go see a doctor, find someone that will listen to you.

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    no its not ok

    life is to enjoy

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