Do you tell your kids to say 'please' and 'thank you' yet you don't say it all the time to them?

I recently spent a little time in a day care I was considering getting a job at. Over and over I heard the staff say to the kids 'what do you say?' when they wanted the kids to say 'please' and afterwards, if they hadn't said 'thank you,' the staff would again say 'what do you say?'

Yet when they staff wanted the kids to do something like get their coat or put their toys away, I never heard the staff use please and thank you.

Do you have expectations of your children that you yourself don't follow?

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    Yes. I do. It's ingrained in me.

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    Ever since my son was able to talk my husband and I have always insisted that he learns respect and manners.

    We lead by example and we always make sure our son hears us use please and thank you. When my next son is born in January he will also be taught manners. We believe that kids today don't show respect and use please and thank you enough.

    Growing up I was taught to respect others and use please and thank you. My children will learn the same lessons. Hopefully other parents will start instilling these words into their kids vocabulary.

    I feel pride and joy every time someone tells me that my son is so polite and that he is excellent with manners. He says please, thank you, excuse me and he's now learning yes sir and mam. I know that with us leading by example he will grow up to be a responsible man.

  • I say it to my nieces and nephews. Once in a shop I said to the two little girls, "come ladies, I think have all we need."

    An elderly lady smiled at me like I was Prince Charming.

    We must model the behaviours we want others to have, especially children.

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    yes, i am using please and thank you to my children, because we are teaching them good manners and right conduct, and this is expected to us as a parent for them to be a good and better person. Now if at times you dont use or tell this thank you's and please to them, its ok than not using to them at all of course or teaching this to them. This just takes practice, and we should also teach them telling this things with feelings, i mean we should say it in a manner that we actually meant it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We are polite all of the time. We say thank you, please, excuse me, etc., etc., We do not put our elbows on the table and we expect the same from kids that around us. Common courtesy is what is lacking today

  • 1 decade ago

    This happens alot. I always find it humorous. Sometimes adults need to remember their manners...haha

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