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How far should I be able to kick a field goal?

How far? I'm in 11th grade and 17 yrs old...and I want to be the kicker next year for our football team.

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    atleast 45 yards

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    1 decade ago

    If not for Russells fumble and the poor blocking on offense, This team would easily be 3-1.. but their time isnt here yet, this team will be a instant Playoffs contender once the 2009 season begins..

    Russell is still growing.. Al Davis will get or draft or even trade for a better LT and WR during the Offseason..

    If not for the Young Offense The Raiders Win..

    The Chargers better win a SB soon, because soon they will need to sit below the Raiders again, for years to come..

    LT had 108 yds, most coming in the 4th QT in the last 2 min.. coming from a Defense that wasnt playing to win anymore, because it was obvious the Win would go to SD.. so the real score was 21-18

    LT get a Ring Now or change team because the Raiders Mystic is coming again in 2009 and its here to stay..

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i wnet on a website, and it said the average 14 year old should be able to kick a field goal up to 25 yards, 15 at least, anything over 30 means he has used steroids, where is my 10 points?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    in high school, they usually recruit soccer players to be their kicker

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