Did Medianet charge me for my ringtone?

I have AT&T and no internet plan. Ventones sent me my ringtone, via text message. All I did was open the tex message, and click save. There was no download, or any internet-y thing. Does that mean I wasn't charged for internet?


Like the message didn't lead me to any links, and I didn't have to access Medianet at all.

All i had to do was open the message, and click "save".

Update 2:

thnx tbone. i'll give you best answer if you answer last questions

How much on average, is it to receive a song, on MMS w/out a plan, and does the duration of the song affect the price

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You shouldn't have been. If it came as a message, it was probably a MMS (multimedia message) and you would only be charged for 1 Multimedia message.

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