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What can I do i feel the indoctrination at college has already begun?

Not even a month into college and i have to write a paper on why diversity is good and why illegals should be given amnesty. Like I dont even support amnesty but I have to write a paper on why it should be allowed, im kinda pissed off.

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    Its hilarious how all the liberals here are telling you to keep an open mind, like the hell they ever do!!! They are the most intolerant group around, where do they get off?

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    We had a similar thing in our Church when I was younger and in the youth group. It was called "the devil's advocate".One of us was chosen to be the "bad guy" and challenge a whole room full of lifelong Christians to prove their points and faith.I was the worst(best) one at it. I could usually tie the rest of the class in knots.After, I would give the Christian response-much to their relief.

    Amnesty is not right-Illegals are criminals. To that end I say fine them and then make them sign up properly. My fellow Republicans want to round them all up and force them to go "home". This would be horrendously expensive and almost impossible to do.These people are already taking part in America and are working, paying bills, buying cars and so on.To "pull the plug" precipitously would have far reaching ramifications to the economy in general-negative ones.After this part is completed then streamline the immigration process so that it only takes a week at the most and doesn't cost so much.Consider that many would rather risk their lives to come here illegally, than go through the hassle to do it legally. That should tell us there is something seriously wrong with the current set up.

    After you get the ones here fined and properly signed up and the immigration process streamlined then it would be time to get serious with those that hire them.I believe that a draconian set of laws against hiring illegals would make fence building unecessary.We have two borders-remember.

    An employer that knowingly hires illegals should get his business closed down for a full year for the first offense and lose his business altogether for the second.

    Source(s): I am an American of Mexican ancestry. My paternal grandparents came here from northern Mexico. I want my people to be able to hold their heads high and proud and be able to say they are Americans.Living in constant fear is no kind of life at all.
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    I don't support amnesty either and I'm a Dem. Although I should probably switch to Independent. We are all more than our labels.

    I think you should research the defense of your answer and write what you feel. UNLESS you've been given the assignment as AN EXERCISE in defense of a certain subject. You might want to look at it that way.

    It is a good exercise to research opposing viewpoints to your own. That way you know exactly what the other side's arguments are. What good is having an opinion if you can't defend it?

    Also, just having an opinion without knowing both sides is nothing more than prejudice. I agree that amnesty isn't fair. But, in every social issue it's imperative that we keep ourselves honest and not rely on instinct or our parents' training or our peers' opinions - we must seek out the truth. We are more than our labels. We are more than someone else's opinion. It takes work to figure out what we really feel left to our own knowledge and experience. It's much easier to just repeat what someone else has taught you.

    Good luck.

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    Here's what you do:

    Write an extremely thorough paper supporting the opposing view. Steer clear of propaganda. Stick to the facts. Be sure that the paper is of the highest quality. Turn it in. If given an F take it up with dean's office/cause a big stink.

    Having said that, if the professor has a good non-political reason for you to take that side and write the paper as such then you just have to suck it up and do it. It could very well broaden your thinking.

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    Oh, I know, liberals, intellectuals, and the elite. Why did you decide to go to college anyway? To be educated is so slanted toward liberalism. You should just find a low paying job, drink beer, and be part of the uninformed electorate. It is all a part of the plan. Liberalism, the worty dird if you are educated. Drop out and stay stupid if you don't like it. And for God's sake, moan and groan about your middle class taxes that keep you in the poor house. And, be pissed off - like that hurts anyone other than you? Just where they want you to be, honey - PO'd the rest of your life. Do it.

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    One of the reasons conservatives are so much better at arguing their points of view is they all had to go through the same process in college. There is nothing wrong with writing an opposing point of view. But you should challenge your professor to assign your point of view as well to those who agree with him. That will measure his competency as a professor. But always use caution, some do have the power and are willing to use it to punish anyone that disagrees. Getting a bad grade is not a good price just to be right.

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    This is an exercise in critical thinking. Often writing a paper (or debating ) a view contrary to your own will cause you to really think about both your position and the opposing position. This analysis may not alter your views, but at least you will have considered another view, and likely have a deeper understanding of why you hold the view you have. This is a good thing, so embrace it, and your analytical skills will increase.

    Source(s): Your brain - a terrible thing to waste.
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    Yes the indoctrination has already started for you. However it has been going on for thirty years.

    Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci;

    Academics at the University of California, Berkeley, formed a cult around him in the 1970`s. He was an innovator in Marxist theory. His ideas focused on acquiring cultural hegemony as a fulcrum to revolutionary change. Foremost among these means of change were the slow and quiet take over of first the Universities and then the Media. Gramsci urged the radicals specifically to gain control of the "means of cultural production", the educational system. "The Marxist conquest of universities, schools, the news media, entertainment, tax-exempt foundations, and other key institutions".. Once in the Universities as faculty then they gain control of its hiring and tenure committees. All the while turning young impressionable minds away from love of country and into lovers of socialism. Lower the standards and teach the political message through political correctness. Corrupt the morals and eliminate the moral fabric of family that holds the country together. Take over the teaching techniques and colleges that produce the teachers.

    Herbert Marcuse, Marxis professor, philosopher, and sociologist at Columbia University and Harvard , then at Brandeis University, also recommended this route to power in his famous essay "Repressive Tolerance". It recommended also "intolerance of the protagonist and repression of the status quo". In other words the blacklisting of Professors of Conservative view points and the hiring of, in their place, only those of the Left. This would be done in the name of equality and freedom of thought. The same argument would be used to justify rewriting of all text material and replacing it with a political correct vocabulary and mind set. The replacement of Family with the notion of State as parents.

    Naomi Jaffe, Communist, Weatherman terrorist, and Angela Davis Communist, Black Panther, among others were students of Herbert Marcuse. Angela today is currently the Presidential Chair and Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz and Director of the Feminist Studies department.

    Other Communists

    William Ayers, Esteemed professor of education U of Chicago

    Bernadine Dohrn, director of Northwestern University’s Children and Family Justice Center.

    Mike Klonski, Co founder of Small school Work shops

    Tom Hayden, Professor at Pritzer

    Mark Rudd, Professor

    Kathy Wilkerson, Professor of teachers education for NYC school system.

    The list of Communist radicals that are now professors or head foundations is astonishing.

    Source(s): My 360
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    If I were made to write a paper on why amnesty should be given to criminals, I would be sarcastic and write all of the things that illegals cause.... you know... like the hospitals in CA that close down because they can't keep up without being paid. Or how about the state of CA economy. They are in debt up to their eyes.

    Research all of the problems that the cities that love the illegals are having and write about that. Make those things out to be great.

    Personally, you might want to talk to the professor. I had a run in like this in one of my sociology classes. I told her that if the situation didn't change that I was going to file a formal complaint against her.

    It stopped.

    I got an A in the class.

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    College is designed to make you think, including trying to view issues from other perspectives that you wouldn't otherwise.

    I had a really good professor once would made an assignment where we all were assigned to the pro/con side of energy sources, like nuclear, wind, etc. I had to argue against wind power (even though I am for it) and my side won.

    It gave me a healthy perspective of opposing views.

    Liberals and conservatives should all try to put themselves in eachothers' shoes once in a while.

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    You might approach it with a preface, noting that you disagree with the conclusions you are assigned to write in support of. However, it's not necessarily a bad thing to make the attempt, if for no other reason, to examine/learn in greater detail. how the other side thinks. When you know how your opponent thinks, it's easier to come up with a way to ultimately defeat them.

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