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if you permanently straighten your hair , how long would it take to make it to heal back to normal?

i wanted to permanenetly straighten my hair, but dont know how much damage it will do to my hair and how can i repair it.

how long would it take to make it smooth and silky?

is there a really good treatment?

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    6 months

    Both of my cousins did it

    it looked great because they had super curly hair before

    Caution: don't use a curling iron for at least two months

    my friend did and all the chemicals wore off 2 months before they were supposed to.

    A good place to go is a any hair salon in Korea Town(they're so sweet)

    Make sure you can afford it though

    Places and costs vary from $100 and up to $1000

    i hope i helped :)

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    7 to 8 months depending on the density and kink of your hair.If your hair is fine(normal and manageable)probably 7 months but if your hair is coarse(strong and frizzy and unruly)probably 6 months.this is because,coarse hair is hard to straighten and easily resist hair,it will easily go back to normal quickly compared to a hair that is fine(normal)

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    6 month

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