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Is my friend very tall for her age?

i know this might seem like a weird question but i just wanted to know everyone else's view on this

i just noticed that she got ALOT taller over summer looked like she grew 3-4 inches during the time.... when i saw her in line for the dance and her head was overlooking the crowd.....

she's 14 and 5'9"


in middle school.......(she started school a yr late...)

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    thats totally fine beacuse she's probably gonna stay that height or grow very little. my best friend way younger than me (12 yrs old) and she's 5'11 and its beacuse her body is changing a little faster than normal

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    thats really tall for a guy her age so yeah....and infact its still tall for a guy in freshman year and some what tall for sophmore year

    but still 5'9 is tall for almost all the years in high school maybe besides senior and yeah before she grew 3 or 4 inches thats pretty tall for her age already

    most girls in my high school are like 5 feet 2-6

    and yeah she is super tall and your friend that is 13 and 6'2 is not super tall that is freakishly monster tall

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    Yes she is tall for her age but probably won't get much taller and will grow into her height. Maybe your friend has a modeling career in the future and if not I bet she wears her clothes well.

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    She's tall, but not super tall. I have a friend who is 13 and she is 5'7.

    And her ex is 13 and 6'2

    he is crazy tall for his age.

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    yeh shes definetely tall for her age.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    she is abnormal. She is too tall for her age.

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