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Believers: What kind of music is this?

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What is this music called that the men in the background are singing? It sounds peaceful and Holy.


My first question got burried by the other ones. Sorry for re-posting. I found a good example which is why I re-posted.

Update 2:

Its Gregorian Chant.

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Thanks to all! May God Bless you.

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    This is originally composed music for the Halo theme song, but it is reminiscent of Gregorian chant. And it also contains some Celtic-influence, as well.


    Because Gregorian chant was written without meter...which is why this music is only reminiscent of chant.

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    I agree with the last post - except to say that it uses a little different metre than Gregorian chant

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    I don`t know Brother Tony, But I like it. It is calm and soothing.. I saved it.. Thanks for sharing it.. {:-)

    Peace, Love and blessings from Texas <><

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