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Can I install a Starter for a 97 honda accord without going to a shop and getting it professionally installed?

My starter went out in my 97 accord, but I'm hearing that it is easy to put in. So would it be best to pay and get it professionally done or try my luck in doing it myself. I know some stuff about cars but i never installed a starter before.

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    Replacing the starter on an accord isn't all that big of a deal, but of course you need to judge what sort of job you can tackle. If it were me and if it werent a life/death situation to have the car running, I would purchase a helms manual from, or ebay, or That manual will walk you through it, and is cheaper than the labor any shop will charge you. Your car is getting up there in age, you should have a good manual anyhow if you dont want to get nickeled and dimed by frequent shop visits.

    FYI, dont go with an aftermarket starter if you plan on keeping the car for awhile.

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