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Girls if your worst enemy was?

Girls if your worst enemy turned into a fly, what would you do to them? Would you torture them? Would you squash um? Im just curious on the most whacked out answer lol.

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    hahaha if my worst enemy were to become a fly i'd catch it, then yank off the wings and bake the fly into a tiny cupcake then feed it to my dog lol

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    Sorry I'm not a girl.... but I couldn't help but answer this one.

    Wow- this questions says you have something going on in your life.

    Who is it? An ex?, a relative?, some beotch at your work or school?

    Yes my old self would say - slow torture..... because a quick smash is too good for them.

    But my new self tries.... on good days..... to believe in Karma...... I like the girl's answer that said shoo it outside & let mother nature take care of it............ I'll agree with that...... try to get your enemy away from you & then let God or the Universe deal with them.

    Don't give them one more minute of your life...... by dwelling on even torturing them. They are occupying your thoughts & invading your essence..... and they don't deserve it. That is why we are supposed to forgive most things because anger eats away at us like a poision.... the person we hate ... most of the time doesn't even know or care that we hate them.

    Now if you are talking about murders, rapists & child molesters ..... then I would be back to my old self........ slow torture is the only way.

    Good luck.

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    Id trap it into a cup and watch it slowly suffocate then the moment i seen it starting to die id let it out.

    Let it see how it felt having everything taken away from you in just a few minutes.

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    Shoo it outside to let Mother Nature handle it.

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    capture it put poisin in it let it die painfully and slowly then feed it to a fly eater and if it dosent eat it ill throw it on the ground and stomp on it i mean who like flys >.>

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    Trap 'em in a cup and tap it with a spoon....muahhhaaaahhhaaa

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    Probably squash them because flies are annoying. >.>

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    I'd pray for them, God can handle them better than i ever could, it is not right to seek revenge on someone or people who has done you wrong God says Vengance is his, meaning he will deal with the people who has hurt us and done us wrong, we forgive those who do us wrong as well as they forgive us when we do them wrong, like sinning against each other, Forgiving is the best tool to use against your enemy. and being nice to them it will drive them crazy.

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    trap them under a cup

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    OMG!!!...I WUD like totally kill that bug...nd smash it...nd like make it into rubble...nd then step on it...until you couldn't even see the pieces ne more...

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