How many girls rather wear jeans, and tee shirts, than high heels, dresses, and skirts?

why do you like jeans and tees, or why don't you like them...

why do you like high heels, dresses, and skirts, or why don't you like them?

respond how you'd like?


i'm definitely not into trends either- i am a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl...

Update 2:

i love converse, sketchers, and vans too...

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    Personally, I like to mix and match stuff up. I even pick out things randomly from my closet, and it still works. :)

    The only thing I don't wear a lot (unless for a special occasion i.e. a wedding) is high heels. It's either flats or my Vans/Converse. :)

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    1 decade ago

    I always perfer a comfortable and cute pair of jeans and a tee rather than skirts and high heels. I love dresses though. It depends on the occassion. I just like the comfort oh and not having to pull things down or worry if the skirt is riding up or something. I love to be able to move around and stuff

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    1 decade ago

    I'm the exact opposite of most girls here it seems. Although I do wear tees and comfy clothes sometimes, the vast majority I'm decked out in stilettos, and tailored skirts/suits and tight dresses. I work in pencil skirts and 4 inch heels normally with either an open collar fitted shirt or v-neck top. When I go out I always favor high heels and either a dress or skirt/top combo. In the summer when going shopping through busy streets, I do sometimes wear pedal pushers or cropped white/blue jeans, but they're always paired with stilettos. In fact, the only time I wear trainers is when I go to the Gym, and I wear special trainers that have a slightly higher heel, as my tendons have shortened slightly do to me wearing high heels too often.

  • I have to say barely wear jeans and tee shirts. If I do wear jeans I wear a nice top. Im not too into tees (there are exceptions) ;). I live in a hot place so I usually wear summer dresses, and cute shorts and tops and linen pants. I would say I wear jeans maybe 3 x's a month. and sneakers, only to work out.

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    1 decade ago

    I wear Jeans and Tee's because they are comfy, easy to exercise in, and they don't give of the impression that i am a girly girl. Because i'm not. I could beat most of the guys in my school up, and im fit. I'm not obsessed with makeup or hair, and i don't scream when i see a spider.

    I still care about how i look, and i do own skirts and all. It's just Jeans and Tee's are easy to hang out in. I don't trip down the stairs in heels, and i don't have to worry about guys looking up my skirt.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, I don't wear what's "in style" or "trendy" really. I wear both actually because that's just the way I am. I actually dress how I feel sort of haha. So tees and jeans are a must have for me, but heels and dresses and skirts are also a must have.

  • rose
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a total fashion chameleon and i love both! I live in skinny jeans, but i love dresses too. So i wear both. I love converse and i love heels. I mix and match to suit my mood, i'm creative with my clothes. Sometimes i'll wear converse with a polka dot dress, and it works. Other times i'll put some peep toe heels with my rock tee and skinny jeans.

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  • I love jeans and tees but I try to look nice most of the time I still don't wear heels that often though mostly flats or converse!

  • Karma
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    Me, me me me!!! I'm a t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes kind of girl. It's more comfortable and you can be cute like that without looking like you are trying. Every once in awhile I will put on something girly like nice dressy short shorts, heels and let my hair down, but that's usually laundry day or when I feel like being extra girly. Other than that, I'm more comfortable dressing in jeans and a cute graphic tee.

    I dress according to my mood and usually my mood is relaxed and simple.

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    okay im not exactly over 13 but heres what i like:

    i wear premium jeans bcause their comfy.

    i wear some tees with cartoons on them or go 2 anthropologie/abercrombie/hollister 4 knits or sweaters.

    i h8 heels bcause they look 2 ladylike and kids my age never would even wear kitten heels. the highest i'll go is flats or the FLAT juicy couture flip flops. i dont like the high ones.

    i like 2 wear dresses but not 2 dressy dresses. i just wear casual ones over leggings w/ some flats.

    and skirts bcause i find them comfy if you wear those short leggings under. (theyre like leggings except mid-thigh with lace @ the end like regular lace leggings) you can find those @ bloomingdales.

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