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does he like me as more than friends?

So I met this guy almost a year ago...he's really funny and sweet and there are some things that make me wonder if it's a more than friends thing...

1.) texts or IMs me once a day---but hates the phone so we never talk on the phone :(

2.)ALWAYS interested in my life..asks questions..doesn't talk much about himself but wants to know lots about me

3.)has asked about previous relationships/hookups

4.)will forget the names of clubs i'm in for school that ive mentioned a million times, but won't forget the name of my ex i mentioned once

I met him at a Model UN conference so randomly, we talked the whole time and have pretty much talked every day since then (January). The one big problem is he lives in another state so i won't see him until January for Model UN again...but he's coming to visit his brother who goes to college here in a few days and wants me to meet up with him.

please help? :)

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    He defiantly likes you! Right now you guys have a great friendship, but from the sounds of it, that could probably turn into more! If you like him, then when he comes you should let him know! Good Luck!

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