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what kind of treatment do i use in my hair to make it really healthy?

A product from a store. Or a home made treatment. I've dyed my hair to much its kinds getting better but dry.

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    aside from treatments - the easiest thing to do is make sure you get more vitamin A in your diet, it'll do you way more than any treatment, but the right shampoo and conditioner will do you good too.

    the right shampoo varies depending on your hair type, so figure that out.

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    First and foremost is to have clean hair. However not only should your hair be clean after shampooing but it should also feel smooth and soft. No matter what shampoo you buy today about 99% of them have sodium lauryl sulfate in them which is terrible for you hair. It's a detergent and strips your hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle (this is why you need their nasty conditioners) A great product is Deva No poo shampoo it's got natural ingredients and has no sodium lauryl sulfate in it. It works so good trust me you will never go to another shampoo again. BIg Sexy Hair also has some to. You can get both of these at Ulta or probably an store that sells proffessional quality products not Sallys though places that sell Redkin or Biolage

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    Use virgin coconut oil, found in your local health-food store. Apply it to the dry ends 20 minutes before shampooing so the hair has a chance to absorb the oil. It's also a good moisturizer for your skin making it feel as good as any expensive cream will do.

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    the first and most important thing i would recommend is for you to get raw shea butter,there is nothing that mosturizing your hair so excellently like shea butter.Secondly,the less heat on your hair,the better.Try using heat only thrice a week.Get a garnier shampoo and conditioner since you hair is at it's weak stage.You should use paul mitchel leave in treatment for damaged hair.But above all,try not to touch your hair too much.lay low on the coloring for awhile.

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    hi mellisa, i would suggest you buy a leave in treatment which can be as a creme or serum. buy the brand RPR. it really works. i brought a RPR moisturiser creme pump for $17.00 at the hairhouse warehouse or you buy it in a salon.


    you can go to the supermarkets if they sell any hair products,

    buy pantene melt in mask conditioner. As you apply the conditioner to your hair it instantly absorbs the moisture. You can see the difference in 2-3 weeks.

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    try a HOT OIL Treatment...or Mayonnaise leave the Mayo on for 20 min. then rinse with luke warm water. Try this once a week.

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