how can I pair cell phone to Mercedes s550?

What is the passkey?

Should I put this passkey to my cell phone also?


What I mean is Bluetooth connection

thank you!

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    The passkey is usually something like 0000 or 1234 or the four digits of your phone number. Sometimes it is anything you want. The car will ask for your passkey, you will enter it there and then your phone will ask you to repeat the code and you will enter it on your device. The two just have to match. At that point you follow any menu options if need be but the two are paired once the codes have been entered.

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    Mercedes Bluetooth Pairing

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    The passkey is MBUSA (62872). You do enter the same code on your phone if your phone asks for code too.

    Good luck and enjoy your bluetooth!

    Source(s): I am an MB service advisor, 8+ yrs exp.
  • 5 years ago

    how can I pair Iphone 6 to Mercedes s550?

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    if its the small black cradle its 62872 if its the slr looking cradle it will be a sixteen didgit number that appers on ur comand system which u then put in ur phone then it should work. hope this helps buddy

    Source(s): mercedes benz technician
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