does my ex still care 4 me?

this is my baby daddy im about to talk about he left me like a month ago i have to kids with him .i still love him .i really dont know y he letme n he says b cause we dont click but i told him ok we have 4 years and 2 kids n know ur telling me this? well the hoe point is that i dont understaned him he says hi dosednt want me but he sleeps here and his always here i dont knoe what to do?????????????????

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    If he says you are not good together, then you should believe him; afterall he should know how he feels about your relationship. All too often we women don't really listen to what our partners are telling us mainly because we don't want to admit that we are not in a good or healthy relationship. Once you truly love someone you will continue to love them for a lifetime; however not all love relationships are good or healthy for us, and not all relatiionships are meant to last a lifetiime. Of course he still cares for you, but If he is not happy and content in your relationship, chances are you are not happy either. You both sound like you may be settling, and that's never a good thing. You both deserve happiness, so maybe it's time to admit that things are not working and ask him to move out once and for all. He obviously doesn't want to be committed to you, yet he is perfectly content to hang around when and if he wants to. Ya know the saying having his cake and eating it too. Well, that's what you are allowing him to do. He has already lost respect for you, because you have lost your self-respect and allowed him to treat you this way. Cry a few tears, get angry and then gather your self-respect that you have left and end this unhealthy relationship for your sake and for the sake of your children. You need to concentrate on yourself for a while and work on your own self-esteem, so when you do someday find a healthy relationship with Mr. Right you will be ready.

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    First of all why does he sleep there?

    If you dated him for 4 years and he just up and decided the two of you didn't he does not still care about you because he probably never did. I'm not trying to be mean or judge you I'm just voicing my opinion. He should have known way before the two of you even had kids if you two CLICKED. And the only reason why he's always around is because he knows you won't tell him to leave. I hope you don't still have sex with him.

    Do yourself a favor and let him know that it's over. He can't have it when he wants it and the only thing the two of you share are those kids. If he wants to see them fine but no more spending the night and just hanging around. You keep on letting this behavior continue and the only thing you'll ever have is a baby daddy. No relationship, other guy that could possibly love you the right way...none of that..........just a baby daddy.

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    Dear Tink,

    I feel for ya, you seem to be a young girl that has now big responsibilities. Your husband seems to be what's the word I want to use, oh yes depressed. He is probably stressed out with something, maybe work. It is not easy for you either raising the little ones and trying to keep your marriage afloat. If he still comes to the home that is fine, it seems that he feels comfort there. Be there for him but don't be asking quesitons you know nagging him..that's what they call it.

    This way he can sought through what is on his mind. You take care of the little ones and take care of your husband when he's there and give him the support he needs he'll come around mean while get yourself a little prettied up. Let him see you beautiful again like the old days..

    You know what I mean right? God Bless you and your family and

    Good Luck

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    My guess is that he has nowhere else to go. He doesn't want the responsibility associated with kids, etc. He should not try to have sex with you after telling you this. Tell him that you two need to make other living arrangements if he is sure about how he feels. Your children deserve better too.

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    No one is worth all this garbage. He's playing you and using you. Kick him out and take him to court for child support.

    Don't let him play you for a fool. You are the one that will pay in the end.

    I hope you are practicing safe sex. Heaven knows what he could bring home.

    He's the loser, not you.

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    Don't chase him. See if it's a phase that he is going through. But don't give him any either if that is what he is looking for.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sounds like he just wanted a bit of freedom or maybe he has someone on the side...

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