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This guy kisses me out of the blue?! (GUYS)?

well i was walking down the hall to lunch on Friday and this guys that i really like just kisses me outta the blue and walks away. Why did he do that? like i think his friends dared him to orsomething but... idk

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    If you're generally trying to find out if he was interested in you and was honest with his actions. Then you can usually find this out relatively easy. Guys are pretty easy to decipher because generally, we are pretty damn direct.

    If we're interested in a girl, we will show it via actions. It goes like this:

    I think I'm interested in her ---> I will do something about it via my actions.

    It's a two step process.

    If he continually makes eye contact with you and tries to get to know you (conversing with you or playing/teasing you) then there's a pretty good chance he is interested.

    There are game players however, you will need to decipher if he is playing hard to get type or the naive pursurer type. However, he is still a guy, and guys will always show their interests via actions, and be pretty direct as well.

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    OMG! This happened to me in severe college. First enable me say he likes you. there grew to become into this guy that i grew to become into crushing on for like ever and he knew it. He grew to become into feeling me too, yet he by no skill asked. He had a woman chum and he did no longer care if she grew to become into around he constantly checked me out. sooner or later i grew to become into walking down the hall to the water fountain (hall grew to become into empty each physique grew to become into at college) He got here abruptly so I acted like i did no longer see him. nicely particular sufficient he walked as much as the water fountain i began out to stroll away once I smiled at him. As i grew to become into walking away he grabbed my shirt and we made out perfect there interior the hall. I enjoyed each minute of it. He and that i by no skill have been given at the same time yet each each now and then his hand could brush mine interior the halls on purpose. His female chum did locate out yet she by no skill did any component approximately it. He could walk via my type and wave at me to return out. so as that he ought to kiss me. humorous component Is all this ensue whilst he found out i grew to become into relationship his cousin. Who I hadn't even kissed yet and we went out for 2 months be for i ultimately kissed him.

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