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Describe austin, texas?

Is austin a nice place to live? what are the seasons, weather like there? are most people liberal or conservative, is there a beach close by? also, what are the people like, and does this article seem true?



also, would people of slightly liberal beliefs be lynched? :P

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    The article is close.

    Austin is a very nice place to live...I love it.

    Its always hot snows once in a blue moon, and in the fall the leaves just turn brown and die...Spring however is beautiful. But Austin is super pretty even though it sounds ugly from the seasonal description.

    People here a Liberal, but since it is in Texas there are conservatives here.

    The beach is few hours away (Texas is big...everything is far away)

    People are friendly and some a little crazy.

    Source(s): Living in austin almost 20yrs
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    The article is pretty right on. Austin is really surprisingly leberaly and conservitaly mixed. It depends on where you are in austin to see. It is a great place, and there is a lot to do. There is a great selection of resteraunts, and recreational things to do. The beach is a drive away, but very accesable. I loved Austin for the time i was there. But in the summer, beware of the morbid heat, it can get HOT.

    Source(s): Lived in austin
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    There's rather no banking district. two/two residences can also be the equal as a apartment fee. So maybe you will have to appear into purchasing. Manor, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Round Rock have well estate charges, and the residences are greater than in Austin Proper. Better neighborhoods are Hyde Park, Enfield, Clarksville, and Tarrytown. If you desire to reside in any of those, get able, you're going to have got to pay, and pay dearly. I desire that your salaries can preserve up with the price of dwelling within the town. Property taxes are top, visitors is fine, if you already know ordinary laws of using, many don't. The night time lifestyles is splendid, town caters to teens among the a long time of 21-forty five, a lot older than that, you will not rather see them out in town. I desire you the great of good fortune.

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    fisrt of all we texans do not lynch people.

    2nd of all in Austin we're all different shades of liberal and very little if any shades of conservative.

    the weather is warm. think california with more humidity and more rain.

    it is a very nice place to live but the closest [ocean]beach is about a 3 hour drive. if you can handle a beach that is on a lake then your very, very close as austin is located along the "Highland Lakes" which is a large system of lakes divided up by dams and the system itself runs from north of austin in the heart of the hill country all the way to the gulf where it emptys out on matagorda beach.

    as for the people, and i'm being very honest as i have lived here for 31 years, we're all very very weird.

    lets just say, there's a reason out towns moto is "Keep Austin Weird".

    we have homeless drag queens that run in and almost win the mayoral election, a festival which is really just about getting high done under the guise of celebrating "Eyores Birthday", 2 giagantic music festivals, a great music scene a city of citizens that keeps its government in check and is very involved in what goes on and what happens - we don't let our politicians get away with anything, infact we make it very hard for our elected officals here...but most of the time thats a good thing...i can go on and on but i really there is so much information on the web that there's no reason for me to.

    Source(s): i have lived here all my life i work for the City of Austin
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    Every time i submit a question, even if its the easiest one, nobody can offer me a good informed answer on this website. wtf happened to people who really make the effort to write an answer..

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