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fussy gassy screaming newborn?

i have a 3 week old and the past couple of days she is really fussy, VERY gassy, passing green runny stools, and hysterically crying. i am feeding her my breastmilk during the day (i pump) and feeding her parents choice organic formula at night to supplement. her father is lactose intolerant which developed at a later age for him. we give her gas drops but i am wondering should i switch to another formula? should i consider colic? I don't think it is what i am eating besides maybe a packet or two of splenda during the day with some foods. any suggestions would really help!!! she is gaining weight and eats normally (2-4 oz).

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    I tried to breastfeed but my daughter just wasn't getting enough so I tried to use the Similac I got from the hospital which made her extremely gassy and fussy. I used soy formula with great success, it certainly cut down on the fussiness, gassiness and seedy loose stools so you may want to try soy to supplement--I believe there is an organic soy formula out there too in the Organics brand. Parent's Choice also makes a Lactose free formula, and if neither one of those work you may want to try Alimentum if it continues to be a serious problem.

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    I would switch to another organic formula.

    Try Earth's Best formula I love it..I'm not sure about parents choice but some formulas have corn syrup in them (which babies don't need)

    When you make the bottle, stir with a butter knife, don't shake the bottle.

    Burp baby before during and after feedings.

    Try Little Remedies gas relief drops or gripe water.Some people swear by the instant relief.

    PS, Use regular cane sugar than's not "bad" for you but it is also not good either.

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    Runny, watery stools can lead to dehydration very quickly in a newborn. Also, changing from some formulas to breastmilk can also cause problems.

    Try holding her belly down, with her head near your elbow, and her belly on your upturned wrist, kind of cradling her. If it's gas, this position can help it. I'd call the doctor and discuss this with her/him. If she shows any signs of being dehydrated (by pushing the back of her hand slightly, it can leave an imprint, or by loosley pinching up the skin, it stays up), then take her to the ER immediately. If she's more lethargic, also take her. Avoid spicy foods, too much grease, and eat balanced, including sources of food from all the food groups. It could be colic, but I hope not for your sake.

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    My daughter was so constipated from newborn to 6 months old. She'd scream with gas and pain. I found that the formula really made her sick so I got Enfamil Gentlease. This helped quite a bit. She was a breastfed baby but also a reflux baby. She would throw up all of my milk and I'd have nothing left to give her so we'd give her some formula. Once she stopped throwing up (with the correct medicine) I didn't need to give her formula anymore. If you can cut the formula out it would be better for her, but if not try the gentlease or whatever form of light lactose formula you can find. We tried soy too but that made her gas and pain worse (and man she smelled bad.)

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    Try a different formula and if that doesn't work talk to your doctor. Another suggestion is to maybe try and pump a bottle or two during the day to supplement at night with. Breast milk rarely causes any stomach problems and may help.

    Good luck and god bless.

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    I would feed the baby directly from the breast - there is no need to pump and then bottle feed, you are just making more work for yourself and risking bacterial growth in the bottles, nipples and stored milk.

    If you want to increase your milk supply, just feed more often and for longer for a few days and your supply will increase.

    Babies need the milk right from the breast so that they get the thirst quenching fore-milk first, then the richer hind-milk later on in the feed. When you pump, the milk is mixed up and she may not be doing so well on that.

    Talk to a Lactation Consultant or the La Leche League in your community, they are a wonderful source of information for new nursing mothers!

    Good Luck!

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    If your daughter was solely breast fed with green stools, it would mean she's not getting enough of the hind milk, which is the fatty milk at the end of the feeding. With the formula factored in, it's harder to know for sure. It may be the formula and switching may help her, it may make it worse, you won't know until you try it. Also, consider mixing some of your breast milk in with the formula, it will make the formula easier to digest. Don't mix it up with the milk, mix it normally, then add some breast milk to it.

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    have you tried the gas medicine Milicon drops. We couldn't live without them when mine were infants. I had one that was lactose intolerant. He was quite difficult. Sounds like you need to ask someone in your family to watch the baby a couple hours and give you a break. When you come back to him I'm sure you'll be more able to cope. Everyone needs a break from such stressful situations. As a new mom, I wanted to do it all myself. After a few months, I realized, it's much easier to ask for help. Nobody will look down on you or think you're not a good mom. Good mom's need breaks!! Good luck with your beautiful baby boy! You'll make it!

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    My baby is super gassy too, same problem although i don't do the formula thing so it's all up to me to figure out what his farts come from.



    Straberries and


    They say green poop is a sign of lactose intolerance. good luck figuring this nightmare out. NOthing is worse than a baby with gas.

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