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what does it mean when a woman is described as a siren (from greek mythology)?


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    From Homer's Odyssey, as Odysseus was making his way home he met many trials.

    One was the Sirens who were women who would call men to come to them, and the men would be destroyed in the attempt. A siren call is therefore one which can not be resisted, but which is destructive.

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    Banana, In Greek Mythology a siren is each of a number of women or winged creatures whose singing lured unwary sailors onto rocks.

    In today's version of a siren, it is a woman who is considered to be alluring or fascinating but also dangerous in some way.

    Source(s): Mystic who know all.
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    When a woman is called a "siren", this means that the woman is alluring but also a troublemaker.

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    A woman who can charm men to her ,usually by voice ,and she is usually depicted as deceptive or misleading.

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    ive seen them even in children movies such as a recent ice age and the older movie, i believe it is called sin bad correct me if im wrong

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    She will only bring you torment and death, in the spirit. In the natural she promised paradise.

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