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libertarians? a few questions...?

1. why don't libertarians want to pay taxes? don't we all have to do that to use roads, have military, etc.?

2. will many republicans split and go to the libertarian party after the recent bailout?

3. do you see the recent financial mess and corruption on wall street as a side effect of not having enought regulation or ethics?

4. is there an aspect of libertarianism that has the potential to turn into terrorism? such as it did with timothy mcvey and the oklahoma city bombing?

just curious, i mean no offense but just questions. thanks.


5. are libertarians the same thing as neo-conservatives?

Update 2:

6. what's the lifestyle? is it kind of like living in the woods and killing animal for food? is it kind of like going back to being a cave person?

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    1. Well, first of all taxes are taken by force, and the initiation of force against the individual is wrong. But if you are willing to overlook that then there's the issue of what the taxes are spent on, and they are by and large wasted on programs that libertarian oppose. If the government were stripped down to core functions, you would be surprised at how little it costs to run.

    2. The hope is that we will attract people of both parties, not just the Republicans. The betrayal of the voters by their elected leaders has not caused said voters to split from their parties before, however. The anti-war Democrats, for example, still vote for pro-war Democrat candidates.

    3. It's actually the result of way too much government intervention. Do not be fooled into thinking that bad regulations are absent regulations, and always look to the source. In this case one of the biggest sources is the Federal Reserve.

    4. Given the non-aggression principle, unlikely. Anything is possible, and given enough people you will find someone holding just about any idea. However if there is ever a rebellion it is likely that libertarians will be volunteering for the anti-government side.

    5. Libertarians and neoconservatives are actually polar opposites.

    6. I get up in the morning, go to work, come home, play with my kid, eat dinner, watch some TV, go to bed.

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    1 - Don't confuse the extremists with the typical party member. Most libertarians want to limit government programs so they can limit taxation. Few libertarians think we can eleminate taxes.

    2 - I decided after Palin getting the selected by McCain to officially change my registration to Libertarian. But if I hadn't already, I would have now.

    3 - No. Government interference like the Community Reinvestment Act, which pressured banks to loan to those who couldn't afford a new house is responsible.

    4 - Nuts will grab ahold of anything & twist it for their evil purposes.

    5 - Neocons are big spending Dems who turned Republican when the Dems started supporting gay marriage, abortion & other liberals stuff. They are polar opposites of Libertarians.

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    Libertarians believe that government is inherently bad for the people. Hence, they don't want to pay for it, they don't believe in regulation, and they back that up by being unwilling to see government bail anyone out when they fail, no matter the systemic consequences. But they don't support McVeigh type terrorism. And they are as far as can be from neo-cons, who want to use the U.S. military and foreign policy to extend democracy throughout the world. Neo-conservatism is a big government view. John McCain is a hardcore neo-con. Libertarians are isolationist.

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    Taxes for roads and military are fine. We do use those too. I keep reading the Constitution over and over and I can't find the part where it says taxpayers are responsible for someone else's child care and health care, though. We believe in personal responsibility and personal freedon.

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