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if you ever had a horse you would understand this?

i had to sell my horse when i was four ( i am 7 yrs older now) is there any hope of me fining her again?

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    You say you are 7 years old or 7 years older? (That would make you 11 now.) If you are 7 it may be possible if you can get help tracking who bought her. If you are 11, seven years makes it harder to track but not impossible. I would try to find horse doctors and ferriers in the area and show a picture (hopefully you have one) or a discription and ask around. If your horse was a young horse it may be out there hopefully close by. Good luck dear.

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    If your horse was registered you may be able to trace it on a register for its breed. Alternatively if you know who the horse was sold to start with them and see if they still own it, if not they may have new owners name. Good Luck

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    Sorry I don't know how you would do that, no telling where your horse could be.You should find a new horse to love.

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    start tracking her down, good luck you never know!

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