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I could not install any new softwares since it shows me files corrupted and error no 2650?

I'm using win xp2. After adding 1 GB ram to my system along with my previous 512 mb ram(both are DDR) the system works very slow. I just removed my 512 mb ram. It works fine. But I could not install any new software. It shows me different errors for different softwares. It shows me errors like network error or package reading..error no 2650....,nsis error, some more errors for different softwares. Or some times it shows windows installer corrupted. I down loaded windows installer 3.1 but I get same errors. And my file system is NTFS. Please help me....

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  • 1 decade ago

    My guess would be a 1GB RAM is to much for a xp2000 I have one with Vista☺ And i only got bout 17 mb a 1GB RAM wow I have a 512 RAM for my xp2000.

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    1 decade ago

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