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Is this wrong of what my girlfriend thinks?

I am in the military and I work a decent schedule. I live with my girlfriend. When we dated I played video games and even when I first moved in. At first it was an hour at a time per day, then she say oh play I will watch. ok cool, well now I only play when she is sleeping or busy doing some of her work. I get home about 630-7pm and she sleeps at 11pm. I go to work around noon. Well now she says I spend more time with the tv and my ps3 then her, but I cant see how. I am taking her out this saturday but she still says that, yet I play when she is 1)busy or 2)sleeping. Should I feel guilty or just do whatever I want? Marriage is def not in my sights anytime soon.

When I wasn't playing I caught her talking to an ex boyfriend and even went to a going away party that she lied to me about when I told her to tell me the truth then she lied on her answer to the lie, then finally told me the truth.

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