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Im a bit confused about whats been happening! Prison Break fans please?

Ok, im in Australia and im a bit confused about whats been happening in Prison Break and what season is what, because of the writers strike halfway through a season they stopped then brought it back the next year but now im confused about whats happened in what season.

Season 1 is how they got to jail and there break out plan

Season 2 On the run

Season 3 they are in panama, Michael is in Sona

and now season four which hasn't been aired in Australia

Anyways i was wondering if people could give me a quick and easy recap of season three and what happened at the end and everything

and please no spoilers for season four, but i did see the first episode!


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    Season 3 was only 13 episodes due to the writers strike so you didn't miss much. They were in Sona for most of the season. They broke out in one of the last few episodes and ended up trading Whistler for LJ & Sophia. Sophia found out Whistler lied to her so she left him for Lincoln basically and Gretchen took off with the rest of the company. When they ended the season Sucre, T-Bag and Bellick were still in Sona. Mahone was working with Whistler and Gretchen. Lincoln was with LJ & Sophia. Michael took off after the company to avenge Sara's death. I won't spoil season 4 for you, but I think it gets pretty interesting.

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    Michael is in the Panamanian prison. He is approached by the company and told to break Whistler out because they've kidnapped Sara and LJ and will kill them if he doesn't. Lincoln and Sucre help from the outside. Mahone, Michael, Whistler and Grady (a kid Michael became friends with) escape. T-Bag, Bellick and Lechero try to escape with them, but are caught. Sucre who has been working for the prison is caught when his alias has a warrant and is thrown in Sona. Michael is told that Sara is killed. Whistler is turned over to the company in exchange for LJ. Sophia (Whistler's girlfriend) leaves him for Lincoln. Michael takes off to avenge Sara's death.

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    there is gonna be so much

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    oh hun there is so much you have to catch up on

    luv ya

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