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Some good techno song Plz!!!!?

Can you please give me some of the names of Your favorite techno song...

(it's so hard to find some since some are lyricless xD)



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    Techno Cumbia- Selena

    Piece Of Me- Britney Spears

    Like Whoa- Aly & Aj

    Womanizer- Britney Spears

    Potential Break Up Song- Aly & Aj

    Everytime We Touch- Cascada

    & Basically the entire Blackout CD

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    Darren Styles is an absolute hero when it comes to electronic music..


    Darren Styles - come running

    Darren Styles - flashlight

    Darren Styles - getting better

    into youtube.

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    hmm. check out any songs by benny benassi. they are awesome =]

    go on youtube and just type in benny benassi

    2 of the songs i think are really good are called satisfatcion and whos your daddy,

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    dj tiesto

    paul van dyke

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