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How can I make my 1987 Honda Elite SE50 Scooter go faster?

Right now it tops off at about 35-40 MPH I wan't to get it up to hang with the speed of traffic. Any idea what I need to get this up to 45 MPH that will be compatible with a scooter thats as old as this one? Thanks in advance

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    You will never see 45mph with it stock. The SE version is the "already unrestricted" version.

    CHeck with some aftermarket scooter websites for a kit, stage 1 is an exhaust and jet for the carb.

    This page is a good primer for you, you may want to do some more searching for your earlier engine.

    also see here that they race 50`s in Europe!

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    if the log book says it is 51 cc then check that it doesn't say "light weight motorcycle". If this is the case IT IS NOT A MOPED... A moped is 49cc or less with a design speed of 45kmph or less. If it is reg as a 51 cc then it is classified as a motorcycle and can not be ridden by a 16 year old... bewarned. in the 70's and 80's most of the major manufacturers did this to classify differences. IE the venerable C50 stepthrough by honda was a motorcycle it was not a moped

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    You are better off not to.

    It's not just the power to make the speed, but it is the ride and the handling that are critical to the saftey.

    You are better off getting a larger cycle that is designed to be safe at higher speeds.

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    Tie it to the back of a friends car and let him know how fast you want to go.

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