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Tattoo removed by UV light.?

I heard of a place in sydney where they do tattoos that can later (if you don't want them) be removed by UV light, instead of lazer. Does anyone have a website link or any info on this? It would be greatly appreciated.



I think it is called "Free 2 choose" or maybe "free 2 change" (The 2 may be replaced with the word 'to')

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    here it is. the company is called freedom-2

    I found EXACTLY wat ur looking for!

    best answerer PLZ

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    it is possible to lighten it, but it will of course never be as vibrant over black ink. If you hit black ink enough times with white or a colour it will begin to lighten. Some people have whole areas tattooed in solid black then have the designs in white. It's alot more limited and never as vibrant, but after enough applications it does become visible against the black. Sometimes now people use white inking as a way of lightening dark tattoos, like tribal, for covering up. Just going over the back with white a few times to lighten it. I know you don't want to cover it up though, just an example to show how it can be used. It's a limited process and to be honest, usually ends up making the tattoo a little crappy.

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