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Dreams about a teacher..?

the past few nights i've been having different dreams about my grade 8 teacher. right now i'm in grade 10, but idk why he keeps showing up in my dreams.

a little background info about my grade 8 teacher.

he was the best teacher i've had so far. he's young, smart and open minded. i'd confessed my home problems to him on the very last day of elementary school and he cried with me. he was there for me. i don't exactly have feelings for him, but i see him as such an incredible person. it's very rare to come across someone like him. we've kept in touch for a while through email, with him asking me how my life at home has been and stuff and how high school was. but then he stopped responding, and it's been MONTHS since his last reply.

anyways... these are the weird dreams i had about him:

1) i dreamt that he was having a secret affair with me and it was very romantic. he drove us to this hotel, and as we walked up the stairs, there was something hidden behind a portrait that indicated we had been there before? (weird idk.) and uh... we sort of "did it" in a hotel room, nothing kinky though. it felt like i was watching both of us from far away. then i woke up.

2) last night i dreamt that it was the last day of grade 8, and he asks me if i was going to summer school, then i said yes... and something happened which i forgot... and after whatever had happpened, i found myself walking into this room where my mom's purse was settled on a table. in the dream, i knew my mom was somewhere around. so i walked up these stairs to find my mom and my teacher discusing face to face about ME. their eyes were both bloodshot red, meaning that they were crying. they seemed worried

does anyone know what these dreams could mean?

soo weird.

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    Sounds to me like you are becoming an adult and with that comes adult situations. Its normal so long as you don't act upon them.

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    maybe you should not think of him anymore

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