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Cool Websites for HORSE LOVERS?

I love horses and wnat to start riding lessons soon.

What are some really cool websites to help me out?

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    Horses in General:


    Horse Sale Sites:




    Tack Store/Horse Equipment




    Horse Care:




    Online Horse Games:




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    This Site Might Help You.


    Cool Websites for HORSE LOVERS?

    I love horses and wnat to start riding lessons soon.

    What are some really cool websites to help me out?

    Source(s): cool websites horse lovers: https://tr.im/Ng3Cu
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    Well my favorite website at the moment is www.equisearch.com

    I find it is really helpful and covers everything you could ever need to know about horses. It has heaps and heaps of articles from famous riders, vets and general horse people. I love it!

    Books are really good resources as well. I would recommend going out and purchasing some good knowledgeable books about horse riding and the various disciplines you can learn, horse care, horse grooming, feeding your horse, tack, buying your first horse, horse health... anything that you would be interested in reading.

    There is an endless amount of info out there about horses. Have fun! You can never stop learning =)

    And welcome to the wonderful world of equine!

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    horsehangout.com > My friend's website

    equine.com \

    dreamhorse.com \

    horse.com / horse forums

    horsetopia.com /

    http://talk.sheknows.com/f1158/ > a new thread - it needs more people on it!

    http://www.youngrider.com/ > If you have a subscription to Young Rider Magazine, this forum is great.

    Made by lots of people on the YR forum -- IT ROCKS. > http://vintagejeans.proboards89.com/index.cgi?

    Hope your enjoy those! Youtube is also great for horse videos and stuff.

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    Game Sites:



    Horses for sale:

    www.horsedeals.com (Australian)

    www.petlink.com (Australian)

    Horse Equipment

    www.horseland.com.au (Australian)

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll have HEAPS of fun horse-riding =D.

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    Some horsey dvds would be good - heres some great ones: Seabiscuit Dreamer Black Beauty you could buy her some horsey books - these can be got on amazon or ebay for really good prices

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    Are you in the UK or US? or even somewhere else?

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