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How do you take your ideas to the next step?

I have several pages worth of story ideas, some more flushed out that others but I'm not sure how to move them to the next step, i.e. actually start the short story. I also have a couple of stories that I've started but I don't know where to go with them. They were started as a part of writing exercise and I stopped because I didn't know where to take the story.

If you have any suggestions for story ideas that would be helpful, but what I'm looking for is a way to light a fire under my butt and start writing again. I don't know what the heck is wrong I just can't seem to write and it's driving me crazy.

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  • goldie
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    Lazer Kidz gave a good answer. I know what works for me when I've stopped working on a story is to brainstorm all the possibilities. I get a legal pad & 2 colored pens. W/ one I write possible scenarios. I write as I possibly can at one time. It doesn't matter how ridiculous or dar-fetched they seem. Don't worry about grammar; just think. You may use some ideas or find yourself going in an entirely different direction. Then I use the other pen to dispute or argue the possibilities presented, add ideas generated by what I've written, or flesh out the ones I like. When I'm finished I star the ones I like & go from there.

    I'm a huge daydreamer. If I'm stuck @ a certain point, I curl up somewhere comfortable w/ a pad & pen & work on dialogue. It's funny but I can't get it to always flow when I'm @ the computer. W/ paper & pen I can visualize my characters & imagine all sorts of dialogue, even if it's only snippets. The dialogue flows because I can see them in my mind's eye. The dialogue could be for anywhere in the story. I'm a big fan of paper & pen for this because I can see the words taking shape as though the characters were in front of me. Think how you feel when you're writing a letter--you can imagine the other person reading it.

    I also use these techniques for those times I have to wait @ the doctor's, riding a bus, or standing in a slow-moving line.

    My last suggestion: "become" one of your characters for awhile & react like s/he would. Relax & enjoy your own unique brand of creativity.

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    I would suggest writing an outline for your plot, i know it sounds boring and time-consuming, but organization is the first step to starting a story. I would also suggest making character profiles, dig deep into your character's life and past. Every detail is significant for creating a realistic character.

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