lg vu vs blackberry 8120 vs palm centro?

im mainly deciding bet the vu and blackberry. i don't rly need a pda i never rly go online or email from my phone. i would like a lotta features which the lg has but a major plus of the blackberry is that it has wifi. any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have the vu and love it. If your not doing a lot of email or business type stuff you need to get the vu. Neat feature is that it vibrates when you touch the screen, but you can turn that feature off if you dont like it. The only problem i have is that during a call the screen locks so your face wont push buttons which is god but can be annoying if you need to access your key pad or contacts during a call. You can unlock it while on a call its just bothersome having to do that.

  • 4 years ago

    unsure whats extra effective yet i will say palm centro sucks a million its like 2 years old 2 no apps for it 3 no off butten 4 battery lifesbad 5 its borring fairly uick i purely had mine for like 2 weeks dont get it and the keys are great small and the touch demonstrate isn't worth ****

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