I like a guy but he is completely in to other girls but i like him, he is always nice and friendly to me?

I had surgery a few days ago and we were talking and he asked me how my knee was( what i had surgery on) and he was really concerned about and asked when i was coming back to school. We are friends but i don't know any more.


i am also not the type of girl he likes to ask and it just seems sort of wierd... for me to ask him and it... just the idea...

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    1 decade ago
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    Just because you aren't his typical type doesn't mean that he wouldn't go for you too! You should see the girls my boyfriend used to date! But did he ever stay with any of them? No, he stayed with me. It's been three and a half years now. I even had some of them calling day and night trying to get him back, and I worried! Because I did not look and act like them. Until one day I confronted him, I asked why are you with me when you liked all these other girls and I am sure as hell nothing like them?! And he told me because I am better than them, he thought he knew what he wanted, but then he met me and I blew his mind. He says I am the perfect girl for him and he realizes why he was never happy. He was looking in the wrong places.

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    Ok if you & him are as nice of friends as you say wait till your friendship gets as high as possible,then ask him if he wants to go with you guys like it wen girls ask them out. So jus ask him out at lunch time & be like "I feel our friendship cant get any stronger than this without us being bf & gf" then say i want this relationship to get stronger. Once he gets the clue he'll give u a look like he's interested then be like "so wat think about that". But if i was him i would say yeh if the girl im realli kool with rit now ask me out I wuld definintly say yeh.

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